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Cookies are small files that are saved on your device that memorize settings and specific data to be exchanged with our system through your browser. There are 2 different kinds of cookies: the so-called session cookies, that are erased as you close your browser and the temporary/permanent cookies that are saved on your device for a longer period or definitely.
This saving allows us to create our web sites and our offerings according to your needs and they facilitate the website utilization.

Cookie Description
Google Analytics We use this Cookie to understand how you interact with content, your time spent on the site, the pages you view and other information. All data is anonymous this means that they will never be associated with you but used only for statistical purposes.

_ga To distinguish the user (duration 2 years)
_gid To distinguish the user (duration 24 hours)
_gat To limit the speed of the request (30 seconds)
_gali for the attribution of advanced links

Lang auto-detect Thanks to this cookie you will be redirected to the same language in which your browser is set. In this way you will already see the correct contents without the need for a translator!
Session Cookies This is a technical cookie that we use to allow you to login and keep your cart in memory during the purchase phases. These are temporary data that are deleted during the logout or completion of the order.
They are necessary to use our shop and the community.

Accepting cookies is not a necessary condition in order to visit our websites.

Personal data are not saved in the cookies we use. Therefore there are no cookies that can be linked directly to any specific user, neither you. In any moment it is possible to lead back to your personal data neither the cookies will try to do that. In your browser you can set to save the cookies only under request. If you want to accept the cookies in this website but not the cookies of our facility society and our partners’ you can set in your browser “disable cookies from third-party companies”.

Normally in your browser menu, in the support section, you can see how to reject new cookies and disable existing cookies. In case of shared softwares set to accept cookies and flash cookies, we recommend you to disconnect after every use.

For further informations and support it is possible to visit the specific help page in the web browser you are using:

We remind you that, according to article 7 of the Decreto legislativo 30 June 2003, n. 196 and following GDPR, there is the right to ask in any moment to delete the informations collected with the cookies to whom may concern.